What does Print Security Look Like?

It doesn’t take much to convince organizations nowadays on the importance of security and protecting sensitive information that is stored digitally, in mid-transit, or being printed from the printer.

Just take a moment and think about all the security measures you’ve put in place in the last 10 years, and then compare that to how much you know about the security of your print jobs.

Barlop has partnered with PaperCutNG andPaperCutMF and both are developed in line with security best practices such as CERT Coding Standards,OWASP Top 10, and Oracle Java Security Guidelines. At a software-level, PaperCutNG andPaperCutMF leverage Active Directory security groups for access control. Administrators can be setup with different levels of access. For example, system administrators may have access to all application features, whilst office staff could be limited to running reports and accessing only a subset of all features, such as Shared Account management. In other words we are able to monitor end-to-end encryption of print jobs on the network.

Our Security Response Team regularly reviews prospective and emerging security threats, and proactively works to add new (and harden existing) security features in line with best practice. Security is not a set and forget activity. To ensure protection for today and for the future, we’ll guide you through.

For additional information about securing your print environment in general, please click here for one of Barlop’s Security Experts to contact you.