How much does a printer really cost?

Beware of Low-Cost Residential Printers that will cost you up to 60%- 90% more on Toner and Ink. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN COMMERCIAL-GRADE AND STORE BOUGHT PRINTERS is importnant for businesses.

It easy to fall victim to Cheap products advertised online by retailers and online stores such as Amazon, Staples, Office Depot and CDW , but the truth is these low-cost printers have NEVER been a practical business solution. The idea behind these low-cost printers is to charge pennies for a printer and then 5x more for ink and toner then the printer costs. The average cost for a black and white print is over 6 cents, and the average cost for a color print is over 20 cents. (Average cost on Commercial grade is less than a penny)

These online and in store purchased office equipment end up costing businesses significantly more, as recurring costs are increased 70-90%, and service is not included so your team will usually just throw out the printer and purchase a new one, most of time a different model. The other problem this brings along with beign wasteful is too many different supplies and ending up with obsolete toners! WASTEFUL!

Most businesses do not know how much they spend on print. A residential low cost printer costs a business $150.00-$1,000 per month (depending on the amount of color printing and number of employees), now let’s compare this to $35- $350 per month on commercial printers and solutions provided by Barlop. There is a large difference in the overall experience, cost reductions and efficiency of buying a store-bought printer versus buying from a local commercial grade company like Barlop. Technology solutions | Home – Barlop Business Systems | Miami Fl

Barlop is now offering a FREE PRINT FLEET ASSESSMENT, to analyze your costs and reduce spend where needed. We are also offering both short term and long term programs to help new businesses, and businesses who buy low cost hardware/high Total cost Equipment, not lose control over their print cost. The program allows South Florida businesses to control costs with commercial-grade equipment in temporary remote locations, new businesses, industries and have a flexible option that can be terminated when their team returns to the office without spending so much money for temporary solutions.

  • Short term rental program for the business that is bringing its workers back to the office.
  • Flexible leasing options from 24-60 months allow businesses to reduce recurring costs and maximize their long-term investment​.
  • Short term rental and leases on All Office Equipment (MFPS, Printers, Visual communication Systems, VOIP)
  • Promotional Prices on ALL Software and Solutions. (Workflow, Document Management, and auto bill programs)
  • We are committed to keeping our prices low and product quality high.

As an essential provider of business materials and equipment for over 40 years, we will continue to provide excellence service to keep your cost low, and business workflow uninterrupted.

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