Barlop Business Systems: Best Place to Work

Barlop Business Systems is proud to share its accomplishments with you! 

On February 29, 2024, South Florida Business Journal, Comcast, and Quantum Workplace announced at Jungle Island, Miami, the Best Places to Work in 2024.

Of the numerous businesses in South Florida, Barlop Business Systems was one of the 60 awarded companies

Best Places to Work program

The Best Places to Work program recognizes companies that don’t only provide competitive compensation but also drive employee productivity, engagement, and professional growth and development. Moreover, they look into amenities that serve employees’ careers and health, workforce training programs, and better healthcare options.

According to South Florida’s Business Journal, Leaders are incorporating more practices, policies, and perks that prospective and current employees find attractive enough to join or stay at the organization. 

The Business Journal asked employees in the tri-county area to fill out confidential surveys online rating their employers in a program developed by Quantum Workplace.

They reviewed together with the scores of employers to find the efforts they have put in place to make their prospective jobseekers choose them and current employees stay with them. The data gathered is the basis for the award given to the Top 60 companies. 

best places to work in South Florida 2024

Top 14 Best Places to Work Award

The results from the data collection gave us mixed emotions. We are feeling proud yet humbled, surprised but expectant, and ultimately, we are honored and happy to have landed on the 14th spot of the Best Workplace to Work in 2024.

Barlop Business Solutions’ Awards

Our awards inspire us to do better for the company, its employees, and its clients. We aim to continue to improve our efforts to make our company the best workplace you can ever work in. We will continue to work on giving our employees the best that we can and the best that they deserve in terms of compensation, benefits, career growth and development, and healthcare options. 

Barlop Business Systems, a family-owned and operated business since 1983, is a technology solutions company that helps businesses succeed by optimizing business processes through IT solutions, data protection, unified communications, and more.

Join us as we drive towards raising our standards as Barlop Business Systems, delivering exceptional business solutions to clients, and taking good care of its employees.