What you need to know about your Business Printing Costs

Many businesses don’t think about how inefficient office printing, imaging and business processes related to document workflow can affect their organization’s overall efficiency and budget.

The hard and soft costs of these areas may be difficult to quantify. The importance and positive impact of getting control of this area is underestimated.

Barlop’s Managed Print Services (MPS) is crucial to assess, evaluate, control, improve and maintain the business processes related to an organization’s print atmosphere.

Benefits of Managed Print Services Include:

  • Dramatic cost saving

  • ​Barlop save company’s an average of 30% with the implementation of MPS programs.

  • IT time savings

  • Reduce the need for employee involvement to support and manage the print environment by eliminating supplies ordering tasks and help-desk calls for printer support. With our DCA (Data Collection Agent) we are able to see the toner levels and service errors automatically. No need to place supply orders or keep excess toners in stock.

  • User efficiency gains, Improved document control and security

  • Keeping track of each printing and imaging devices in order to understand the volume of each device/ and department will help to match the functional needs of each user in your organization. Control document access and prevent unauthorized access to documents and network by deploying a single security policy across the entire print fleet.

  • Vendor consolidation

  • One vendor/ invoice for ALL your office needs including toners, maintenance, equipment costs, and IT solutions.

  • Fleet standardization

  • Less models mean less toners. We at Barlop evaluate what models are needed in each department and are placed strategically to save you money, time and headaches.

  • Paperless office

  • Barlop evaluates your needs and finds a solutions to help your office be more efficient. Implementation solution software can show you what each user/ department is spending, and all costs of printing become visible. Office documents are controlled in a way that allows the company to improve overall workflow.

Contact a Barlop MPS expert today to find out how our pro-active approach to office printing can help your business get control of your print environment and make your users happy and efficient, and most importantly save your business Money and Time!