Managed IT service

Many businesses can’t afford the overhead of handling their own IT systems, or having an in-house IT Director yet they still need dependable and consistent network services and expert computer support. Barlop Technology Solutions can support the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area companies with world-class network support at low and cost effective prices.

IT Service | Barlop Business Systems | Miami Fl

Reduced Risk & Increased Cyber security

Receive a higher degree of security with our Security Operations Center (SOC), which includes round the clock monitoring and managing. With Barlop's managed services team, you have an experienced team, better checks and balances, and streamlined processes.

Enhanced Network Management and Monitoring

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) manages and monitors your IT infrastructure, remotely, while our local and live presence allows us to visit your location if need be. We are not just a help desk, we are a full service Business Technology consulting firm, which has been servicing Miami-Dade and Broward businesses since 1983. Getting in touch with our Barlop Team is quick and easy. Call us for instant contact, send us an email or use our online ticketing system for more complex issues.

Technology That Increases Your Profits

Barlop delivers technology solutions to increase our customers' profits, enhance their productivity and give them a competitive advantage. We first understand and evaluate how our customer conducts business and then we customise solutions to help advance their organisation through the utilisation of technology.

Bundled, Affordable, & Detailed Service Agreements.

Barlop's managed IT service packages allow clients to have a detailed list of deliverable, lower costs, and increased support and monitoring of your business data, infrastructure and network. We also offer bundled programs to include your Network as well as your phones, business communication software, and other cloud services for your business, customising your plan to your needs.

Expertise & Certifications

Our team's experience, expertise, continued education and constant training and certification, makes sure our team is up to date in constant-evolving IT products and services. With years of servicing south Florida, we are able to fully customise your plan and provide you with a free assessment and detailed plan to upgrade your infrastructure, manage your current network, and help proactively support your business' technology and data.

Better Cost Efficiency & Predictable Pricing

Receive round-the-clock monitoring without the cost of a 24/7 in-house team. Emergency response purchases, such as those typically experienced by an in-house IT team undergoing unplanned or urgent IT repairs, almost always cost more than preparation and planned management by a managed services provider.

Barlop Technology Solutions offers flexible packages to assist in controlling your expenses while providing solutions to the computer and network problems, to ensure your business’s productivity. No matter the complexity of your network issues you’ll find computer help is available with our expert IT consultants.


  • Disaster Prevention & Recovery/ Business Continuity
  • Network testing and monitoring
  • Network security & risk mitigation
  • Connectivity and bandwidth
  • Providing data storage
  • Managing installations and upgrades
  • Suggesting and implementing software patches
  • Network provisioning or virtualization
  • Performance monitoring and reporting
  • Providing help desk technical support
  • Online Backups
  • Hosted Exchange
  • Desktop and Server Care



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