As a provider comprehensively offering Printing solutions, IT Services, Managed Services, VC Products and and Supplies & Services, Barlop is in a unique position to guide our customers and help their businesses thrive. 

With our expertise in capturing, transforming, sharing, and managing information and collaborating, we deliver solutions for a dynamic workforce that is changing the way people work today.

Barlop's offering of Visual Communications consists of data & image sharing and collaboration tools that help improve communications and streamline workflows.


Visual Communication offerings including:

  • Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD)

  • (Ricoh’s product name – Interactive Whiteboard IWB) with video and audio capabilities.

  • Unified Communication Systems (UCS)

  • Projectors (PJS).


All Visual Communication technologies also work with Ricoh MFPs, integrating with Streamline, Smart Device Connector, and Smart Operation Panel

Benefits of Visual Communication Technology

Workstyle Innovation

• Adapt and evolve to flexible work environment

• Change the way people work

• Workflow improvement Workplace


Productivity and Cost Efficiency

• Better communication and collaboration

• Reduce travel expenses


Efficient Space Management

• Utilize smaller space

• Invest in meeting rooms that are accessible to anyone

In a world of increasing complexity and rapid change, Barlop Technology Solutions is shifting the conversation from products and processes to people: the way we operate, share, and collaborate.


One of the focus areas is “Workplace Productivity” and improving the customer experience. Adding to the complexity of various types of information and how to manage them, the workplace environments have become more diversified than ever. Many organizations are adapting to a flexible work environment where employees, business partners, and specialists work in remote places, and sharing complex information and collaborating became critical enough to impact the company’s efficiency and productivity. A

Barlop's Visual Communications (VC) Products and Services deliver solutions that enhance collaboration and elevate work styles of the customers. Barlop solutions are fully integrated, meaning that our customers need to deal with just one partner – rather than deal with multiple providers that are part of piecemeal solutions.