US Communities National Purchasing Group for Local Governments & Nonprofit Organizations

U.S. Communities is the leading national purchasing cooperative supporting Local Government and Nonprofit organizations. The U.S. Communities Advisory Board is made up of key government purchasing officials from across the United States. The Advisory Board provides leadership and overall direction for the U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance

Why Barlop?


  • We offer a broad expertise in capturing, managing and transforming information

  • We offer a wide portfolio of services and technologies to government and nonprofit organizations

  • Barlop service's over 92% of Miami Dade county's office technology.

  • We want to help you address your key concerns on document needs, and have the opportunity to become a reliable partner to your business, providing knowledge, solutions and expertise to accelerate your performance and growth.

  • You can access the Ricoh discounts on products and services that are extended through Barlop Business Systems, a local authorized dealership serving the South Florida community for over 3 decades.

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Solutions and Services Available Under U.S. Communities Program:




Ricoh HotSpot Enterprise




RDA Rochchester Software Associates