Prepare your Business for the Hurricane Season 2020

Barlop Hurricane Season Precautions As you may be aware, there is a possibility that our area will be under the effects of Tropical Storm Isaias for the next couple of days. In having our clients' best interest in mind, Barlop Business Systems is suggesting measures in order to avoid or at least diminish possible damage to your equipment. In the aftermath of a severe tropical wave or hurricane Barlop will do everything possible to renew service to our customers. Besides repairs to the equipment we presently are servicing for you, Barlop can also offer IT services designed to get your non-responding network up and running including replacement for damaged computers and servers. An oft

In this trans-formative period of Remote work, find out how law firms can rely on technology

It is a trans-formative time for the legal profession and technology can and should play a critical role in this transformation. The impact of technology on the way we live, work, and conduct business is pervasive The disruptive impact of the coronavirus pandemic is reverberating throughout the United States economy. Due to the pandemic, the legal services industry, like nearly all sectors of the economy, is currently in a time of immense change. Enormous pressures to control cost, increase efficiencies, and continue to deliver quality legal services are mounting, while, at the same time, lawyers and alternative service providers are confronted with the difficult realities of (often) working

Barlop only partners with the BEST in the Industry

Barlop is an authorized and trained Ricoh Family Group (Ricoh, Lanier, Savin), HP, and Brother dealer for South Florida. Our entire team is trained on each product by the manufacturer to ensure the correct equipment is placed in your business, and the best service and training is given to your team. Here are a few awards our Partners have received this year for outstanding products and performance! We’re proud to bring all of these products to market as a part of our innovative office printing portfolio to help our customers elevate their own success. HP Wins Eight Keypoint Intelligence ‐ Buyers Lab Pick Awards for Outstanding Print/MFP Devices day, Barlop is excited to share that Keypoint I

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