Understanding A4 Versus A3

In terms of Copiers, Printers, MFPs, the expressions A3 and A4 refer to the paper sizes the office equipment handles. Even though this is the main difference, it isn’t the only difference. Paper size is important depending on what type of material a company is printing and the scope of work. Barlop Carries multi function equipment that is classified as A4 and A3 models as well as Plotter/Wide Format products that do up to 36”. Most businesses use Letter (8.5x11) and Legal (8.5x14), however Ledger (11x17) can be used in many cases including Menus, Engineering documents, spreadsheets, booklet making (church, schools, organizations). Listed below are the main differences between A3 and A4 offic

Is your business trying keep on top of the latest in information management?

It may be difficult for your business to keep up with evolving information technology. First, you relied on paper and faxing. Then you moved to paper and email. Now you’re living in a world of paper, email, scanning and electronic workflows. But that’s not all; you also have to deal with time and billing software, mobile devices, eDiscovery capabilities and cost recovery models. Managing it all is daunting and takes you away from your core focus - your Business. With more than 35 years of Experience, Barlop can help you capture, transform and manage your information - no matter the format - so that it’s accessible when, how and where you need it. Your Challenge: Are you getting the full bene

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