American Bar Association Member Advantage Program (ABA) GPO

The American Bar Association (ABA) Member Advantage Program that Ricoh USA participates in, was set up for American Bar Association members to receive discounts on services and products to help them save money and run their law firm. The buying power of 400K members not only helps the smaller firms, but also the large law firms.

Transform your Law Practice into a Law Business with Barlop Business Systems.

Why Barlop?


  • We offer a broad expertise in capturing, managing and transforming information

  • We offer a wide portfolio of services and technologies to legal professionals.

  • We want to help you address your key concerns on document needs, and have the opportunity to become a reliable partner to your business, providing knowledge, solutions and expertise to accelerate your performance and growth.

  • You can access the Ricoh discounts on products and services that are extended through Barlop Business Systems, a local authorized dealership serving the South Florida community for over 3 decades.

  • We can provide ABA members better contract value and benefits than regular vendors.