Barlop Technology Solutions was born out of our clients’ need for a reliable, trusted, IT provider. Too often are small businesses falling behind or playing catch with their competitors when it comes to technology. Barlop can give your small business the competitive advantage of IT guidance and strategic planning that large corporations currently enjoy. Let us partner with you as your Virtual CIO and IT Department, allowing you to focus on running your business, not your technology. Barlop offers a full spectrum of managed services to help your business gain the competitive advantage of having your own in house IT department without the high salaries and administrative overhead that come with it.



We provide a single point of contact for all IT related queries, service requests and communications. We deliver proactive maintenance services through our flat-rate IT Support offerings. Barlop Technology Solutions works with clients who are facing unpredictable networks and soaring IT costs, We assist in overcoming these barriers and obstacles by:

  • Reducing overall IT cost

  • Stabilizing infrastructure all while increasing productivity with an adaptable / scalable infrastructure.

  • Customizing services tailored to the specific business needs.


Our team of certified professionals takes over the stress of business IT requirements so companies can focus on strategic growth and innovation.

Many businesses can't afford the overhead of handling their own IT systems, or having an in-house IT Director yet they still need dependable and consistent network services and expert computer support. Barlop Technology Solutions can support the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area companies with world-class network support at low and cost effective prices.

Barlop Technology Solutions offers flexible packages to assist in controlling your expenses while providing solutions to the computer and network problems, to ensure your business’s productivity. No matter the complexity of your network issues you'll find computer help is available with our expert IT consultants.